Henny Penny – Merchandising

Henny Penny EPC Express Profit Center

Model : EPC401
More InfoProduct Spec Sheet (PDF)


  • Innovative air curtain technology directs a continuous flow of hot air across the open front of the unit, preserving reach-in convenience while securing the interior climate for longer holding times and less product waste
  • Individually heated shelves and deck keep prepackaged product at consistent safe temperatures throughout the case
  • Low-energy, long-life LED lighting for bright, attractive product presentation and reduced environmental impact
  • Clear side panels and angled shelves for enhanced product visibility
  • Optional side and top baskets create profitable cross-merchandising opportunities
  • Flush mounted control pad to set and display temperature for each shelf
  • Choice of leveling legs or sturdy casters for convenient mobility
  • Front and side protective bumpers
  • Stainless steel construction with black matte finish on main cabinet
-Dimensions: 47.75 W x 89.5 D X 200 H (cm)

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