About AHPD

Animal Health Product Division, in short, AHPD is a division under SCC Corporation Sdn Bhd that promotes Clean Feed Solution and  Non-antibiotic /  Natural Feed Additives for animal feed industry.

Our objective is to create awareness on the importance of using non-antibiotic feed additives. We believe livestock that consuming non-antibiotic and natural feed additives, can produce healthy meats, reducing the side effect of over-used antibiotic and directly promoting the wellbeing of the consumers at large.

In line with the company’s vision, “Together we build green and wellness enterprises”, we are focusing in distribution of safe and environmental friendly products for the animal feed industry, which include probiotics, feed enzymes, natural growth promoters and feed additives. We are working closely with leading biotechnology enterprises in providing non-antibiotic and safer products for customers. With the huge consumers demand towards healthier and safer food couple with government enforcement, our product range will be the preferred choice for inclusion in the animal feed.