Henny Penny – Holding

Henny Penny

Henny Penny Heated Holding Cabinet

Model : HHC 900 (Full Size), HHC 903 (Half Size)
*Units with Count down Timer control; HHC 900 full-size units feature 13 independent timers.
*Units with Count down Timer control; HHC 903 half-size units feature 5 independent timers,
More InfoProduct Spec Sheet (PDF) - HHC 900Product Spec Sheet (PDF) - HHC 903


  • Dual heavy-duty blower motors
  • Ventilated side racks
  • Removable air ducts for easy cleaning
  • Countdown timer (CDT) control lets operators program and track individual holding times for different items
  • Single switch start/stop/abort, manual override and power-out memory
  • Constant digital temperature display
  • Separate operating time and temperature set points
  • Sound alert signal
  • Food probe calibration
  • Standard controls feature thermostat temperature control, dial thermometer, on/off and cycle temperature lights
  • SimpleHold models feature easy to use touch pad control with LED temperature display
  • Partial pan removal for convenient loading and unloading
  • Fully insulated doors, sidewalls and control module
  • Full-perimeter door gasket
  • Self-closing, lift-off doors stay open past 90 degrees
  • Magnetic door latch and heavy-duty plated hinges
  • Standard 5″ casters (2 locking)
  • Durable, high-quality stainless steel construction, interior and exterior
Model : HHC 900 (Full Size)
-Dimensions: 62.8 W x 80.6 D X 181 H (cm)
Model : HHC 903 (Half Size)
-Dimensions: 62.8 W x 80.6 D X 95.3 H (cm)

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