Orved Bright Line


  • Completely made of stainless steel,
  • Equipped with a smart vacuum sensor
  • Innovative Chef Programs technology for a perfect vacuum of any food and non food product
  • Digital control panel, waterproof, with 32 programs, including exclusive preset programs by professional Chefs, de-aeration programs (Degas) and vacuum programs for internal or external containers
  • H2Out pump dehumidification cycle guarantee a perfect maintenance of the 25 mc/h vacuum pump
  • Equipped with a wireless sealing bar, length 415 mm
  • Gas flush system included to pack delicate or soft products in modified atmosphere (MAP)
  • Exclusive soft-air function, for the packaging of sharp products (e.g. meat with bone)
  • Packaging: solid, liquid and delicate products
  • Ideal for: restaurants, hotels, catering, butcheries, dairies, food laboratories.

Model Available

Model: Bright 18

-Dimensions: 588 W x 587 D x 501 H (mm)

-Vacuum chamber size: 448 x 440 x 200 H (mm)

-Weight: 90kg

Model: Bright 1800

-Dimensions: 1043 W x 610 D x 1033 H (mm)

-Vacuum chamber size: 903 x 463 x 200 H (mm)

-Weight: 180kg

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