Hot Water Dispenser

Precise Temparature Water Dispenser - Medium Volume

Model : 45300.0000 (H3EA)

More Info Spec Sheet (PDF)


Accuracy, adjustability, energy efficiency and styling in a quality hot water dispenser

  • Precise temperature control and hot water on-demand to 96˚
  • Contemporary, low profile design for front-of-house and self-service
  • Eco-friendly technology maximizes energy use
  • Thinsulate® tank insulation improves energy efficiency
  • Programmable “Energy Saver Mode” reduces operating costs during idle periods
  • LED display provides simple temperature adjustment
  • Intuitive blue LED dispense button
  • Cup clearance accomodates a range of serving options for customcrafted, hand pour coffees and teas
Dimensions:19.3 W x 56.52 D x 49.02 H (cm)
Weight : 10.8kg

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