Our Solution

The process of Clean Feed Solution covers the 3F concept, which is Feed, Farm and Food. This system emphasizes in helping feed millers and farmers to achieve clean feed, feed production efficiently and value added (natural health supplement) in feed.

If livestock breed in a healthy environment with consuming quality feed and natural health supplement, the feed conversion ratio will be better. Safe and healthy meats and eggs can be produced. Thus, we as consumers will enjoy healthy food.

The following diagram gives an overview of clean feed solution:

Clean Feed

Special treatment for preventive of molds and bacteria grow in the feed. It can prolongs the lifespan of feed ensuring livestock consume mold-free and healthy feed

Feed Milling Efficiency

Increase in feed production efficiency which leads to cost reduction and higher output

Natural Health Supplement

Always use Natural and Non-Antibiotic feed additives are the right way to maintain healthy livestock and reduce occurrence of diseases.

Natural Health Supplement

Farmers may face threats of deceases on their livestock. Natural health supplement is essential to reduce the risk of mortality and to improve the wellbeing of the livestock.