Orved Evox Line


  • Smallest automatic vacuum packing machine designed by Orved, with an innovative design and extremely high performance
  • Completely stainless steel frame and a vacuum chamber with “HIGH FLEX” technology to always ensure the perfect vacuum in an ultra sturdy chamber
  • Allows a maximum vacuum of 99.99% in the storage program with sensory vacuum system and a touch panel with 2 preset programs
  • Extra vacuum in the cooking program that is especially suited to intensifying flavours, aromas, and colours of products intended for sous-vide cooking
  • Perfectly packages products in bags or in practical, reusable containers
  • Transparent tempered glass cover allows better product visibility during packing

Model Available

Model : Evox 25

-Dimensions: 444 W x 477 D X 210 H (mm)

-Vacuum Chamber Size : 303 x 293 x 110 H (mm)

-Weight: 22kg

Model: Evox 25h

-Dimensions: 444 W x 481 D X 271 H (mm)

-Vacuum Chamber Size : 303 x 293 x 110 H (mm)

-Weight: 27kg

Model: Evox 30

-Dimensions: 495 W x 626 D X 295 H (mm)

-Vacuum Chamber Size : 355 x 365 x 184 H (mm)

-Weight: 29kg

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