Turbochef High H Conveyor 2020

Turbochef High-H Conveyor Oven 2020

Model : HCT-4215-3W
More Info Spec Sheet (PDF)


The HhC 2020™ is capable of cooking sixty 12-inch pizzas in one hour, offering throughput exceeding 28-inch conveyors in a compact 20-inch design. Because of its patented technology, electric operation, and small footprint, the HhC 2020™ is the first of its kind to be UL®-certified for ventless operation
  • Offers high heat transfer rates for accelerated cooking
  • Small enough footprint to fit virtually any application
  • Variable-speed blower motors
  • Easy to clean mono-finger design
  • Idle mode for energy conservation
  • Left or right feed conveyor belt direction via software
Dimensions: 73.7 W x 74.9 D X 54.6 H (cm)
Weight : 88.5kg

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